What are discount coupons?

How to offer promotions and discounts with a coupon (Helen Ficalora coupons) or code


we offer you the possibility of creating discount Helen Ficalora coupons to offer different promotions to your customers .


Helen Ficalora coupons are a tool that allows you to grant a discount percentage, a discount for a fixed amount, or to discount the delivery of the purchase . What they do is generate a code that your customers can enter at the checkout of your store to apply the discount that you have configured to their purchase.




  • Helen Ficalora coupons give you the possibility to choose: how many uses they can have in total, on what dates they will be available, to which product categories they apply, and from what specific amount in the purchase they are available .
  • You don’t have a limit! You can create the amount of discount Helen Ficalora coupons you want , of any type.
  • They are easy to use and promote : you can share them with specific clients, on social networks or through specific ads or campaigns. You can also place the code in your store (for example, in a banner or in the image slider or carousel).



  • You cannot limit one Helen Ficalora coupon per person . What we recommend is to send the Helen Ficalora coupon only to the people you want to have access and limit it by the total. If there are few people, you can create a Helen Ficalora coupon for each one and send it to them in a personalized way.
  • They apply only to the products and not to the shipping cost (except the free shipping Helen Ficalora coupon). Also, your customer can only use one Helen Ficalora coupon code per purchase. 
  • Helen Ficalora coupon creation is not available on all plans.


Next, we explain how to create a discount Helen Ficalora coupon and how your client uses the Helen Ficalora coupon.


How to create a discount Helen Ficalora coupon?


To create the Helen Ficalora coupon, you first need to choose what type of discount you want to offer: a percentage discount, a discount for a fixed amount or the discount for your shipments.


How does my client use the Helen Ficalora coupon?


Too easy! Once you have shared it, your client will be able to enter the code in the checkout process  of your store. 

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