Something with something: a guide to trendy looks with pants


Finding a pair of trousers that fit perfectly is not an easy task. If you find a suitable model, grab it without hesitation! There is definitely an upside to pants: get acquainted with the list of current combinations, with which it is impossible to make a mistake.

Pants + white shirt

White top is not an office story for a long time. A trendy light-colored shirt is now worn at parties and on the beach. The key word here is “fashionable” – free, laconic, made of high quality material. Such a shirt is combined not only with jeans, classic or casual trousers, but also with sports-style things – joggers, leggings and cargo trousers.

Pants + basic T-shirt

Why include obvious options in your review? We want to show how the image will play with the basic thing if you use imagination. Tie the T-shirt in a knot on the chest, on the side or on the back, tuck it into the belt completely or only in the front … tredz discount code with styling clothes – such ideas make the image original and expressive.

Pants + printed blouse

It’s not for nothing that French women sing the praises of the vest: this blouse with a pattern of blue and white stripes is truly universal! With a T-shirt, long sleeve or striped jumper, any trousers look spectacular and fresh. Perhaps the only set that we do not recommend is a vest worn under jeans. It’s too boring to combine two things that are extremely universal in essence.

 Pants + monochrome top

HOME OFFICE: A trendy take on working from home.

Are you already remote? The well-known events made us change our lifestyle and refuse to travel to the office. Now we do not meet with colleagues at the cooler, but with our family near the kettle in the kitchen, and hold meetings on Skype, simultaneously starting the washing machine. The number of tasks remains the same: for example, you need to share your fashion secrets with you.

The main rule: do not go into disarray. Workouts and a cozy sweatshirt are good for rest and relaxation, but quickly become boring and demotivating. To avoid getting depressed, often remind yourself what you look like when you dress up. It’s time to try out a bold makeup, appreciate the comfort of a tight dress, and wear your shoes for spring!

Rule number two: Show your loved ones that working from home is also work. If mom sits in a robe all day, then she can take care of the children? Not at all – and it is the clothes that will mark the time frame and demonstrate the level of employment at home. Dad is putting on his jacket, so now is not the time to play. Rule number three: mix styles. Do you think we force you to wear a business suit? Not at all! We only urge to divide clothes into home and business, combining them within reasonable limits. For example, you can work on a laptop in a regular T-shirt, and when it is time for a video conference, throw a shirt over it.

Fashion houses: what to wear when you don’t need anywhere

Ever heard of the directive that recommends spending April in stretched sweatpants? Here we are not! The appearance determines the mood, and not only of the “owner” of this appearance, but also of those around him. Therefore, do not forget to please the whole family, including the cat, by updating your home outfits more often.

Cozy hoodies.

Housekeeping requires no less energy and dedication than playing sports. Feel free to include elements of sports equipment in your shiza hassan saree . We declare the hooded hoodie to be the favorite of athleisure style – you can hide from all worries and worries in this one!

Knitten things.

We are sure that you too are inspired by the photos of bloggers sitting at home in cozy sweaters. If at the junction of the seasons there are drafts walking around the apartment, take a closer look at bulky things made of soft wool – cardigans and jumpers. Even the notorious sweatpants will fit such a stylish top!

His shirts and T-shirts.

Every girl knows that a men’s wardrobe is an extra portion of cool things. Now is the time to get your flannel shirt or T-shirt out of there. Plus size clothes can be easily converted into tunics or dresses that can be worn with leggings or cycling shorts. Just promise to return everything safe and sound when the time comes.



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