Sneakers trends 2021


The year 2019 was opened by a series of impressive sneaker versions appearing in the fashion week series. The culture close to the ground is expected to continue to “heat up” both the fashion world and the sneakerhead community with a series of unique designs as well as handshakes between designers and brands. cult sneaker. Let’s take a look at Quatasy’s sneaker trends 2021that will promise rain and wind.

  1. Minimalism trend

The minimalist sneaker designs with inspiration from 90s fashion, are really a craze not only for the sneaker community but also the fashion world in 2021. Entering 2019, the sneaker trend This still shows no signs of cooling

Possessing a clean and classic minimalistic design, the minimalist sneaker models are still being especially loved by fans with the ability to flex in style from high-end outfits to fashion items. often. All of them make up the indispensable sneaker models in all the wardrobe of the fashionista.

You can look at the models that are still being sought after such as: Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Force, Puma Suede, Reebok Club C85, … White color brings minimalism and elegance.

  1. The return of the classic style

You will never be able to ignore the classic style shoes that are still making a splash in 2019. Brands like Vans, Converse, Nike, and Adidas have been offering a wide variety of vintage designs for decades. are still being received today.

A pair of black and white like Converse One Star or Vans Old Skool with the classic street design is still loved by a large number of fashion followers. In addition, running shoes continue to be crowned as Nike Cortez, Nike SB Dunk, Adidas Continental 80, …

Either way, shoe styles will continue to exist and evolve over time.

  1. Chunky sneaker continues to cause fever

With a dense appearance on fashion catwalks from cult fashion houses such as Balenciaga’s running shoe, Gucci’s bunker design, and Louis Vuitton’s Archlight version, all create a fever in 2021.

Chunky sneaker continues to be promoted by leading sportswear brands, Adidas and Kanye West recently, making the world excited by teasing a series of new Yeezy designs, with a bit of chunky playing the role main game. Meanwhile, a few new versions released recently, such as Nike Zoom 2K, Adidas Originals Lexicon, or Asics GEL-Kayano 5, are also highly appreciated by the sneakerhead community and fashion followers.

  1. Unique from the variety of materials

Besides striking designs, the diversity from distinctive textures of different materials is expected to become a new and remarkable sports shoe trend. The development of modern manufacturing technology has brought new potentials to this billion-dollar industry.

In addition to the qualitative upgrades of classic fabrics and leather, high-tech textiles with the modern texture and maximum comfort are the trend of sneakers. as Adidas and Nike pursue. Most impressive in the early days of 2019, perhaps the Nike Air Max 1 “Golf Grass” version, applied unique ruffled material, gives the feeling of being carried on the foot of green grass.

  1. The flow of technology continues to take the throne

In addition to the improvements in materials and buffers, to increase performance, sneaker models are gradually being applied in addition to breakthrough technologies in recent times. 2021 saw the dynamism of the two leading giants in the sports shoe industry, Adidas and Nike, in the trend of high-tech sneakers. While Adidas continues to expand its Futurecraft project with 4D printing products, Nike also brings a new version of the Adapt BB design – self-lacing sneakers with self-lacing technology. lacing) – with the feature that links directly to the user’s smartphone.

Along with the general development of society, technology flows are also spreading strongly in sports shoe trends. The year 2021 is expected to continue to see the high-tech war between famous sportswear brands.

  1. Highlights logo full of highlights

In recent years, sneakers are amplifying the logos of their products and making them a new fashion trend.


In 2021, the outstanding logo trend continues to be loved by a large number of mobile enthusiasts. From the Gucci fashion house to Givenchy, all have brought to the shoe designs with enchanting brand logo designs.

  1. Eye-catching neon color

Similar to the chunky trend, the popular neon luminous colors from the 90s are slowly returning and spreading influence in the sneaker world. 2021 is expected to continue to see the rise of dazzling neon color schemes in sneakers trends. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Fila … are all on the way to bring out sports shoe combinations, with subtle accents or daring neon colors.

  1. Boom with Tie-Dye motifs

Continuing to be an old and prominent inspiration from the 90s. The trendy and bold fashion style “Cai Bang” – Scumbro – is being caused by A-list stars like Justin Biber or Jonah Hill. Strongly, the soul of this style, Tie-Dye motifs are also having a fierce spread not only in the fashion world but also on sneaker trends.

Pharrell Williams is the most enthusiastic name in this trend, bringing Tie-Dye motifs to sneakers in collaboration with Adidas. With Tie-Dye mixes on the Adidas Hu Holi NMD line of shoes not only making a splash in 2021 but also showing no signs of cooling at the present time, fans can expect. Impressive Tie-Dye sneaker version in 2021.


The fashion world “close to the ground” is seen as the source of the influx of high fashion into streetwear culture. Sneakers will continue to be expected to play and play a key role for this crossover in the upcoming fashion future.

Thus, we have come across shoe trends that are likely to become summer sneaker trends in 2021. And promise a style explosion this year!

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