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The Best Retractable Screen Door for Your Home

Retractable screen doors offer natural airflow while preventing pesky insects and other debris from entering your home. Screen doors are a great way to bring fresh air into your house without inviting bugs.

By allowing natural air to circulate your home, they can also reduce energy costs. But traditional screen doors may not be the easiest to open. If your arms are full, these sliding and swinging doors can be difficult for you to open.

Retractable screens doors are often more convenient. These screens can be easily retracted from one side by pushing a button. This allows for an unobstructed route to entry and exit. This guide contains the best retractable screen door options to enable you to invite excellent, fresh, and insect-free breezes into your home.


Here are some things to remember when purchasing Genius Cool single Retractable Screen


These are the key factors to consider when buying a retractable door screen for your home. As you compare the different models, please take into consideration everything from the door’s material to its design and size. Consider the installation process for each model, especially if it is a more complicated setup.

Before you start looking for a retractable door, measure the door frame in which it will be installed. The dimensions of your door frame can help narrow down your search to find the perfect product.

You can choose a retractable door for French or double doors if they are made to fit your frames.

Retractable screens doors are designed so that they can remain closed or opened. Most models can be operated by one hand. However, some models are only accessible through contact with the screen. You can choose from the following types of retractable screens doors, depending on your opening style.

Most people use sliding Genius Cool single Retractable Screen. These screen doors are horizontally adjustable and can be closed or opened on the top and bottom of tracks connected to a frame. These models can be equipped with a push-button or a spring mechanism that opens the door.

Magnetic retractable screens doors are the best choice. This door opens and closes automatically and does not require any hands. These doors consist of two panels made of mesh and a set of vertically running magnets in the middle. To open the screen, pets, kids, and adults need to walk through it.

retractable screen doorCool Genius Retractable Screen for Single Door


The most common Genius Cool single Retractable Screen you will see are regular and storm doors, which come with an additional insect-screening screen. To reach the mesh, users pull the screen upwards or downwards. When inactive, it rolls into the frame’s bottom or top.

Retractable screen door are the only barrier that keeps bugs, leaves, and other debris out of your home’s main door. Fiberglass and aluminum are the preferred materials for Genius Cool single Retractable Screens. It is essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each so that you can choose the best one for your home.


Retractable – Screen Doors – Exterior Doors

Fiberglass screening comes available in three different grades: heavy-duty, standard, and fine. You can choose from the cost-effectiveness and weather resistance of routine fiberglass screening or the added protection for insects offered by fine screening.

Fiberglass screens have a reduced view from the outside, which gives them more privacy than aluminum. Fiberglass has a flexible material that bounces back after impact. It is, therefore, more suitable for households with children and pets.

Aluminum screening may be more expensive than fiberglass. However, it offers better durability. This screening actually contains an aluminum-magnesium alloy. It can be coated with rust-resistant coatings.

If you plan to install theĀ  retractable screen door yourself, you should review the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This will give you an idea of your ability to complete the job. The hardware for installing retractable screens doors is often included. It is usually only necessary to attach the hardware to your door frame with a screwdriver/power drill.


Some Genius Cool single Retractable Screen must be trimmed to fit into specific door frames. This is usually done by using a hacksaw and cutting the metal tracks that run along the top of the door. A product that does not need trimming will make installation more accessible and less likely to cause problems.

Select a screen-door model that suits your needs both functionally and visually. Look out for features that will make it easier to use the door, such as ergonomic handles and one-handed operation.

Magnetic screen doors offer convenience. When someone passes through them, they draw the magnets to each other and close the door quickly and gently at every seam. Some retractable screen doors include a locking handle that provides additional security.


Magic Mesh Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door Canadian Tire

Some retractable screen doors are so transparent that it is hard to see. If someone tries to walk straight through the screen door, this could result in injury or even damage.

For increased visibility, some screen manufacturers include a subtle design or a striped pattern. If you are looking for the main screen, dark fiberglass is your best bet. Alternatively, you could opt for aluminum mesh that is dark grey or black.

The overall appearance of every retractable door is essential. Many Genius Cool single Retractable Screens are available in different frame colors and finishes. Pick one that coordinates with your home. It can also be a compliment or stark contrast to your exterior.

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