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The Best Blackout Shades to Use in Your Home

Window shades provide privacy, protection for furnishings from ultraviolet light, and can even improve sleep quality. Blackout shades offer more light-blocking power than all other shades thanks to their inner layers.

They are different from blackout curtains because they can fit inside or outside the window frame. This is similar to Venetian blinds and classic roller shades. To regulate the temperature, blackout shades can be used to make your home more energy-efficient.

There are many shades that can be used to block out light, but some shades work better for certain areas and decor styles.

If you think these light-blocking window treatments would be a good addition to your home, keep reading to find out what to look for and why these products are rated among the top blackout shades.


Types of blackout shades

While shades of all colors can block some light, only blackout shades can prevent the light from getting in. One of these styles will help you dim the light in your room. It all depends on what room Decor you have and how big your pull down roller shades for windows are.

A classic roller shade is a single fabric piece “rolled” into an invisible headrail when raised. Roller shades need to be pulled down using a string or chain to block sunlight. Also, cordless versions are available, which are safer to use in homes with children or pets.

Roller shades can be installed inside or outside of the window frame. Outside mount versions block more light but are cheaper and easier to install.


Roman shades are elegant yet simple. The soft fabric is made from soft fabric and can be raised/lowered by a system involving rings and a rope, which is sewn into every panel. These panels will fold into horizontal folds when raised.

When the fabric is lower, it can either lie flat against the glass or hang in soft loops or folds. Flat Roman shades look good in either contemporary or traditional settings. While soft-fold Roman colors add an air of romance and lightness to a space’s Decor, they can also be used in modern or traditional settings.

Cellular shades have a 3D internal structure that is similar to a honeycomb. This makes them extremely efficient at blocking out sunlight. Each cell is covered with an insulating and blackout fabric.

The result is an absorptive room that keeps light out. Cellular shades can either be operated with a cord or push-button at the bottom. They are excellent for light control, noise reduction, insulation, and can potentially lower your energy bills over time.

These shades are constructed in crisp accordion folds and can be drawn fully or raised to any height desired to let in light. There are also deluxe models that can be raised or lowered from both the top of the shade and the bottom. These shades offer more privacy and lighting options.

With the push of a button, motorized shades can be activated via voice or smart home compatibility. These shades are more expensive than manual ones, but can be an added convenience for rooms with high ceilings where pull down roller shades for windows are difficult to reach.

The motorized blackout shades can also be useful in offices, game rooms and home theaters, where complete darkness is required. These shades have a modern look that is suitable for modern environments.


The Best Blackout Shades: What You Need to Know

Although blackout shades are useful, they can be beautiful and coordinated with other Decor. Consider your top priorities when shopping, including the purpose and overall look, ease of installation and control, and cleaning.

Blackout shades provide privacy, insulation as well as noise reduction, protection from sun and heat, and temperature control. Blackout shades can improve the look of your rooms.

Soft neutral colors, such as white, beige or gray, can block out significant light. However, dark grays, navy and black offer the best blackout effect. Roman shades can be used in a variety of ways, but honeycomb and roller shades look best when paired together with curtains or valances.

Material and Color

Blackout shades are made of tightly-woven, high-quality polyester fabric. They block sunlight and other light with an insulating black liner.

If you want to present a seamless, appealing look both from outside and inside, make sure that the shades are the same color on each side. Shades that are well-engineered can work in lighter shades, like white and ivory. However, darker colors will block more light.

Two basic options exist when it comes to shade sizing. Pre-cut shades come in a range of standard sizes to fit an array of conventionally-sized, residential pull down roller shades for windows.

Simply measure the width of your window, inside or out, depending on the mount you select. You can then choose the right size from the available options, or go for custom sizing. Follow the brand’s instructions.

Shades should be measured to determine where and how they are going to be placed. Decide if the shades will go inside or out of the window frame. Determine whether or not they will be secured with adhesive strips, or by hardware.

These shades are a great choice for DIY, quick solutions and also work well in RV/cabin living. Simply measure the shade to the size of your window, cut the adhesive strip and stick it to the frame according to the brand’s instructions.

The inside mount shades must be measured precisely and mounted in the window frame using mounting brackets. These shades look sleeker than traditional outside mount shades and take up less room. These shades can also be used as layering curtains or other window treatments.

Outside mount shades, which can be installed outside the window frame by mounting brackets, block most light.

These are usually recommended by window treatment professionals for bedrooms or rooms that need darkening. They can be made to appear larger by requiring less measurements than inside mounted shades.

Manual shades can either be operated by a pull tab, a chain or a cord. The corded and cordless options are available in roller, honeycomb, Roman and Roman shades.

Motorized shades do not have tabs or chords and are controlled by integrated electronics. Cordless shades can be safer for pets and homes with children because there is less chance of the cord tangling or tripping over a body part.

Many control options are available for motorized shades. You can pair these shades with an app on your smartphone or wall switch for a more integrated look. The many benefits of pairing motorized shades to a smart-home device include programmable timers options and the ability to control them. You can program your shades to reduce when there is too much sun.

For proper upkeep, follow all manufacturer instructions. You can clean most blackout shades with a microfiber dishcloth, or a brush-headed vacuum.

Roller blinds are easy to clean because they are flattened and smooth. Honeycomb shades and soft-fold Roman shades require more care, so you will need to dust them with care. For motorized blinds it is enough to dust.

All of the products below were chosen for their ability to block light as well as their superior designs, ease-of use, installation and affordability.


FAQs on Your New Blackout Shades

Here are some frequently asked questions about blackout shade.

Shades used for room darkening or “light filtering” don’t block any light. In a dark shade, blackout shades provide maximum light blocking.

Yes, blackout shades can prevent light from entering the room and will stop people looking in.

You should use blackout shades instead of traditional blinds.

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