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Are you looking SEO and Marketing Services?

You can audit your site to identify errors and analyze content using the MEGAIDEX service. This service does a deep audit and gives recommendations on how to fix the identified errors. You can also use it to check backlinks (incoming links) and linking.

Just go, enter your website address and in 5 minutes, get a full report!

Protection of site content from copying

If you actively promote your site and invest heavily in promotion, then most likely the articles from your site will be copied. This can lead to sites with the same content being next in search results. And it may happen that those who are several positions lower can overtake you.

Therefore, if you create interesting original content, then it just needs to be protected from copying. Use the Yandex service, where you can warn the search engine in advance that this original text first appeared on your site.

In this case, Yandex will take this fact into account, which will be reflected in the setting of search algorithms. To warn Yandex about posting new text, only new texts that have not been previously published are suitable. The minimum volume of published text is 2,000 characters, and the maximum is 32,000 characters.

It’s easy to do – go to Yandex Webmaster and add your text to a special form. Immediately after adding the text to the form, you can publish it on your website, because Yandex has been warned about your new publication.

Find out the website loading speed

An urgent problem is the poor quality of the wireless Internet. Many entrepreneurs use wireless modems of cellular operators, which do not allow loading sites created using flash technology or with a lot of heavy images. Therefore, if your site is not built with these local considerations in mind, it may not be available to many users.

The situation is as follows:

  • If your site takes a long time to load, then many users simply will not wait for it to load and will go to a competitor’s site. Which is lower in the search results.
  • Therefore, the number of visitors directly depends on how quickly the pages of your site are loaded.
  • In addition, the website page loading speed factor is taken into account by the Google search engine when ranking in search results.

Normal website page loading speed is from 2 to 5 seconds. What if your website loading speed is faster? You can, of course, refuse flash animation, a large number of photos, the use of such modern design elements as a slider or scroller, which make your website heavier, but this will affect its visual appeal and usability.

There is a way out – to optimize the loading speed, because the success of the site largely depends not only on the quality of the content, but also on the speed of loading the site into the user’s browser.

Optimizing website loading speed will give the following benefits:

  • Will increase the number of loyal users
  • Increase website conversion
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Will increase the time spent on the site
  • Eliminate errors in manual optimization
  • Reduce server load

We suggest using a simple service with which you can find out the loading speed of your site. If something is wrong with your site, contact us. The specialists of the AVANZET web studio are always ready to help optimize your site. And increase the speed of loading its pages.

Determining the position of the site in the search results

A very useful service that checks the position of a site in Yandex and Google search results for your key queries. To determine the position, you need to go to the link https://www.seocompany.life/ and enter key phrases in a special field, then enter the domain name in the appropriate field.

The check is carried out for Yandex at a depth of 200 results and for Google at a depth of 100 results. The maximum number of keywords is 50.

Determining the position of the site is carried out by 1 request sequentially. To select your region, you need to enter the code corresponding to the region. The region code can be determined by the link:

The position of a site in Yandex is determined based on Yandex.XML. When you hover the mouse cursor over the scan results. You can see the corresponding page of the site in the search engine. This information will be useful for you to decide which key phrases are best to promote your site.

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