Muscle pain; causes and Home Remedies for muscle ache

Muscle pain or tension can be the most uncomfortable pain in the body. The tension solely can create many symptoms that can lead to panic attacks and anxiety. As our day-to-day life is in a hyper eluded state. We are regularly on edge and this impacts our body mentally and physically. When the tension is on our mind our muscle tends to stay tense subconsciously. The state of tension mostly further leads to dark, negative, and worrisome thoughts. We tend to sleep less and this leads to an increase in muscle pain. There are many such reasons that can cause muscle pain. Also, continue reading to know more information about muscle pain, what you can do to cure it at home, and also when you can go to the doctor.


Causes of Muscle pain

Other numerous reasons that can cause muscle pain can be injury, stress, infections, or even autoimmune disease.

Any kind of injury that occurred that can be due to:

  • Trauma that impacted the body.
  • Soreness can occur due to pulling or tears, or even due to accidents.
  • Overuse of a muscle can be due to doing the same exercise every other day. A person who is handling heavy machinery can get affected or the sports of athletes who follow exercise on the same muscle every day may produce pain in that particular muscle.
  • Overuse of injury is also similar to overuse of a muscle.
  • Incorrect work up and cooling are one of the common causes that are found. It is important that one should spend a few minutes every day stretching. It will automatically help muscles to feel relaxed from time to time.
  • Poor posture for a long time especially in the office or while you are asleep can be the major reason for muscle pain. Poor posturing can be improved by staying attentive while sitting on the chair.

How can one cure muscle pain at home?

Muscle pain can be easily treated at home if the pain is not very severe. One can simply do all the mentioned below things to make you feel relaxed.

  • Apply ice at the initial stage of the pain like 24 to 72 hours.
  • Massage gently on the affected area.
  • Gentle stretching or regular exercise will certainly tame your pain. Remember to begin slowly by walking, cycling, swimming, jogging.
  • It is important to get better sleep, as it improves mood and overall health.
  • Yoga and meditation are some of the other best ways to reduce muscle tension.
  • Drinking fluids regularly before and after exercise will help in proper excretion that will aid in keeping you fit.
  • Avoid heavy lifting during the pain.

Contact your healthcare professional if your:

  • Pain in the muscles stayed for a longer period.
  • Moderate to severe pain that you are not able to take it anymore.
  • If you find any muscle swelling around the muscle that is paining or redness.
  • A rash has occurred.
  • Any change in medication that you might feel may be the cause of muscle pain.


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