Mortgage Bubble: How to Protect Yourself In 2021

Are you looking Mortgage Bubble?

Currently, the USA is experiencing a real mortgage boom due to the preferential mortgage program. Even falling household incomes, coronavirus mess up, and a general slowdown in the economy did not stop lending growth. How significant is the risk that today’s situation will turn into a mortgage bubble & trigger the real estate market collapse? Let’s analyze.

A Brief Look At Mortgage Bubble:

In simple words, a mortgage bubble refers to the situation in the mortgage market, when the increasing growth rate of mortgage lending at some point provokes late payments. In such cases, the number of high-risk borrowers also increases automatically. Mortgage-backed securities and collateralized properties depreciate, and housing prices fall rapidly. In the end, the mortgage market and the entire real estate market collapses. Generally, a  mortgage bubble occurs after a rapid increase in real estate prices until housing prices reach a maximum level and then start to fall again. It is almost impossible to predict when the mortgage bubble will burst. Mortgage market bubbles have traditionally had a strong and far-reaching impact on the economy- more substantial than the stock market’s ups and downs. It happens because sharp jumps in real estate prices occur infrequently, but the periods of rise and fall last quite a long time, which leads to considerable losses. Furthermore,  the housing market is less liquid than the securities market.

There are many factors that cause a mortgage bubble:

  • A sharp increase in the real income of citizens,
  • The availability of mortgages,
  • The inflow of investment in the real estate market,
  • Building restrictions.

Is there any possibility of a mortgage bubble in the USA in 2021?

Although it’s a long way from an obvious mortgage bubble in America, you must take note of some warning signs. The preferential mortgage program and a general reduction in interest rates made mortgages more affordable for the population; it increased the loan amount up to a great extent. With the sudden eruption of the epidemic and coronavirus, real estate demand predictably fell. Many Americans are out of work, the rest prefer to sit out and postpone enormous spending, developer’s income has declined, and the market has sunk. When the preferential mortgage program was introduced, the market situation was right. It is evident that without it, a large number of people couldn’t take out a mortgage in today’s position.

A Fine Example of Mortgage Bubble:

A classic example of a mortgage bubble in the USA was the economic slump in 2007. At that time, American banks kept low-interest rates on mortgage loans for a long time and relaxed the requirements for the first installment’s size. Credit programs with floating interest rates were in practice. In the end, the inflated mortgage bubble burst, thus collapsing the entire real estate market. Since mortgages played a large role in US GDP, the mortgage crisis gave rise to a general problem in the country, which was the impetus for the global financial crisis of 2007-2009.

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