Latest Updated Oracle 1z0-1056-20 Dumps 2021

Oracle 1z0-1056-20 Dumps 2021


Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables is one of the core modules in 1z0-1056-20 Dumps Financials. This module focuses on receivable and bill collection procedures. As part of Oracle Financial development, this module was born from automating bill collection processes. When you are learning Oracle Financials Cloud Certification, you should keep an eye on this module.


Reporting to get an accurate picture of how your company operates, it is essential to have fair reporting. You should get not only sound report generation but also precise reporting. Oracle Financials Cloud Certification aims to provide accurate and comprehensive reporting. As part of 1z0-1056-20 Dumps Oracle Financials Cloud Management, Oracle 8i delivers a wide variety of ways to report your data. Here are the most popular reports.


Bill summary: As your customer interacts with your business, you will be required to give them a bill summary. Bill summary is the summary of all payments made to your company. 1z0-1056-20 Dumps Oracle financial software’s beauty supports different bills such as invoice, debit, credit, trade, and utility bills. It allows you to customize it according to the different types of payments that come into your business.


Billing module: There are multiple bill modules in 1z0-1056-20 Dumps Oracle Financials. Each of them provides different features. This module handles all the tasks related to bill payment and collection. Some of them are desk-side Billing, which is very user-friendly and easy to use, while other modules are more complicated and designed to meet different billing needs. There are several additional features built into this module. You can find them under the following heading:


Data source reporting: 1z0-1056-20 Dumps Oracle Financials has a data source writing capability built-in. You can create customized data source report for information to auditors or external personnel for further analysis. This feature works well if you want to analyze some specific areas in your words. Oracle Financials also supports data cleansing reports to remove duplicate records or unwanted information from your messages.


Oracle 1z0-1056-20 Dumps Oracle Financials Cloud 2021


Other modules: Oracle Financials also contains many other modules. These are designed to help you manage your finances more efficiently. Some of these are Financial summary reports, which show your net income and expenses over the period, Statements of cash flows showing the balance between the income and expenses, and Statements of equity investments. General ledger reports include information about bank transactions, stock sales and stock purchases, corporate debt, and mortgage debt. 1z0-1056-20 Dumps Oracle Financials also includes Oracle merchant accounts reports, which provide information about your customers and vendors.


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 1z0-1056-20 Dumps

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