How Do Foreign Trade Companies Choose A Reliable Foreign Trade VPN?

Foreign trade VPN software is mainly divided into: foreign trade VPN and foreign trade router. One is software and the other is hardware. Generally larger foreign trade companies choose both software and hardware. But for small and medium-sized foreign trade companies, as long as the software-type foreign trade VPN can meet the needs of overseas business for installing exodus on kodi

The VPN built by ourselves is unstable, and professional VPN providers have become a life-saving straw for foreign trade companies

Today, many companies doing foreign trade are suffering. They are fooled by various circumvention and scientific Internet VPN applications. After paying money, they still cannot stably access foreign websites such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For the foreign trade personnel engaged in Amazon (Amazon), if they cannot access foreign websites stably, the operation will be very unsuccessful, the work efficiency will become low, and the company’s performance will be seriously affected. Therefore, for companies with overseas business, stable and rapid access to foreign networks is the only need for these people.

At present, many foreign trade companies may use their own VPNs or VPN circumvention software found on the Internet to access foreign networks, but most of this kind of VPN software is particularly unstable or very slow. Because of some special policy restrictions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, these VPN lines are easily blocked. After a company buys these software, if it is not necessary to waste money, it will also cause the company’s overseas business losses because of the unstable VPN software. Therefore, foreign trade companies must not be greedy for small and cheap, and use those informal personal VPN circumvention software or personal SSR airport (Shadowsocks).

Foreign trade VPN

Besides these VPN software, are there other ways to access overseas networks?

The answer is yes, that is the international dedicated line network, also called IPLC. Generally, this kind of dedicated line can be rented through companies such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud, and the dedicated line is provided by operators such as China Telecom or China Unicom. This international private line network solution is generally through the Hong Kong network private line to access overseas networks, whether it is Google or Facebook and other websites, you can browse without restrictions. There is a dedicated line through which all computers in the company can access overseas networks. And the dedicated line does not go through a firewall, and there is no risk of being blocked and censored. But the only downside is that it is expensive. You have to pay several or several tens of times the cost of ordinary VPNs to get a little bandwidth.

I heard that the overseas special line is very expensive. What if the small and medium foreign trade companies can’t afford it?

Although the overseas dedicated line network provided by China Telecom and China Unicom is indeed very expensive, it costs several thousand a month, and it is really not available to small and medium companies. But there is another solution, the cost can be reduced dozens of times, only a few dozen yuan per month, you can easily let the company’s several computers freely access the international network. That is the solution of choosing Fastest VPN. Provide more than 50 stable and high-speed nodes around the world, including BGP trunk lines and telecommunications backbone network CN2 GIA lines. In the future, more IPLC dedicated lines and enterprise-level dedicated lines (VPN for business) will be added. And one account can support simultaneous connection of 5 devices. 24/7 proxy server maintenance. It is very friendly to small and medium foreign trade companies and is a good choice for foreign trade VPN.

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