How can you complain against your company for not paying your salary?

Are you looking company salary?

This is a very common problem that employees tend to face in India, even though being reputed companies. A rise in complaint against company for not giving salary has increased. Almost 30 % of people who are working complain against the company for not paying salary such cases every month at and It seems that a lot of employers hate to pay for the notice period. If your employer hasn’t paid you a salary for the last few months and also without a paid notice is illegal. The employer has violated several laws and a case could be built for cheating. An employee can take several actions so that the employers could face issues and real trouble. moreover, the knowledge and awareness regarding the same rights are not available in the public domain and a  corporate lawyer’s advice are costly

Employees are strongly advised to send a legal notice, summarizing all the actions that they may take by the concerned corporate lawyer. But before concerning a corporate lawyer, one must ensure that they have a good track record in doing such work.

 If this also does not work, The employee can approach the police with a complaint of cheating and for not paying the salary, where there is enough evidence for the fraud, which is critical. And t this step, it is important to prepare a detailed note that is to be given to the police. A  Corporate lawyer appointed by yourself should assist you in this. The court rejects the majority of such complaints because they do not hold drafting skills and evidence. This is where a good corporate lawyer can make a difference.

Where the criminal case is not an option or does not end with favorable results, it is recommended for the employee to opt for a summary suit or labor court, as the case may be. In most matters, we can analyze that not more than 10% of such disputes need to go to this stage. Challenge is that lawyers are more comfortable and earns more money at this stage. So if they don’t have your interest in mind they might hurry to this stage.

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