Free Classified in Ajman: Variation in Classified Advertising

Are you looking Classified Advertising?

What are classified ads?

In this decade, the advertisement of products and services has to be eye-catchy, informative and beneficial with its cost, and able to compete for rival brands. Classified ads are those that can fulfill all these criteria. Like all other places of the world, Ajman from the United Arab Emirates has also adapted the latest advertisement platform largely. Ajman Classified advertising is a place where small advertisements or messages are placed in newsletters, magazines, or newspapers. These messages are usually grouped in a separate section under particular headings, often called classifications. The comparatively low-cost commercials use classified advertising. Classified advertising on blogs, social media networks such as Facebook, and on smartphones and tablets have also been seen recently.

Types of Classified advertisement in Ajman

Now, let us discuss the various forms of Free Classified in Ajman that customers find frequently. These are as follows-

  1. Regular Classified advertisement- These are ordinary text advertising and can be paid for per letter or line or column. Usually, these ads contain a broad column, have no illustrations, and are typed by the print media publications.
  2. Classified Display AdvertisementA logo or a graphic illustration is often used in these forms of ads and has a border around the text advertisement. Usually, they are priced more than the standard classifieds and are paid based on the column’s size by per centimeter or per square centimeter.
  3. Display classified advertisement-This is the most expensive form of classified ads as it has the greatest impact. The minimum advertising size is 3 centimeters, and in height and width, it may be of any size. Advertisers may also opt to have their classified ads shown in color as well.

You may further classify all the above types of categorized Ajman Classified ads into the following categories:

Types of Classified Advertising in Ajman

1. Recruitment

Although there is a probability of recruitment ads to be published in larger display advertising, still Free Classified in Ajman is also quite a popular platform for this purpose. Ajman Classified attracts jobseekers with their creative and informative ads on behalf of the employers.

2. Property

Free Classified in Ajman is one of the best platforms to give relevant ads if anyone wants to deal with a genuine customer or seller for selling or purchasing properties such as a house, car, or other real estate. But it should be known to us that Real Estate projects cannot be listed under Ajman Classified.

3. Obituary

Another common form of Free Classified in Ajman is obituary messages, which allow advertisers to add photographs of the deceased along with a post. Classified ads in Ajman are also used by advertisers to place messages of condolence, funeral invites, and remembrances.

4. Matrimonial

Matrimonial ads are one of the most in-demand ads of Free Classified in Ajman. Here, a text advertisement or a classified description of the prospective bride or groom is put by parents or a close family member and seeks a possible match.

5. Business

80% of business promotional campaigns choose newspaper advertising as their first choice. Apart from that, Ajman Classified has consistent ads from small to medium businesses or local businesses that include sales, brand promotions, business proposals, etc.

6. Announcements

Apart from the matrimonial ads other announcement ads like personal announcements, change of addresses, legal notifications, lost or found cases are frequently listed in this category for Ajman Classified.

7. Education

There in the Free Classified in Ajman, several educational advertisements can be found. In the classified section, the ads related to education mainly provided by the coaching center owners.

8. Personal

The final form of Ajman Classified includes personal communications or messages such as birthday wishes, season’s greetings, and many more.


After implantation such efforts into ads, it is now the turn of the buyers to visit the Free Classified in Ajman. From time to time, the given lists must be reviewed and revised. There is also a negotiating scheme if the seller and the buyer both belong to the same city. Sellers can make their valuable product shipment after getting all the information from the buyers.

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