Acne is something that affects people belonging to all age groups. It is caused by multiple chemical reactions and hormonal changes that take place in the bodies of adolescents. In most cases, it may fade away by the time one crosses the age line of thirty. However certain chronic conditions can make your acne marks permanent and lead to other symptoms. Treatment of acne can be difficult in some cases. This is because if one pimple tends to go away, two more pop up automatically. You can buy any face wash for acne scars to clean the microscopic pores present on your skin. 

How does acne start to form?: The increase in the levels of androgen in your body can stimulate the growth of acne. It is a hormone that gets produced at a high rate during the adolescence phase. This hormone can influence the sebaceous glands to produce large amounts of oils. These oils ultimately block the tiny pores that are present at the roots of the hair follicles growing on your skin. As a result blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and so on start to grow on the surface of your skin. In certain cases stress and having a diet rich in carbohydrates can make this situation even worse.

Home remedies to treat acne: Instead of relying on expensive products, medications, and treatments, you can switch to some of these natural techniques to fight against your acne:

  1. Putting lemon juice: Lemon juice has certain attributes that can help you to reduce the symptoms of acne. It can exfoliate your pores and take out oils from your skin. For that, you need to mix small quantities of rose water with it in a bowl. After that use a cotton pad to wash your face evenly with the mixture. This not only stops the growth of pimples but also helps in fading the appearance of external scars.
  1. Honey extracts: The multiplication of acne gets escalated by the presence of dirt on your skin. An increase in pollution can cause dust particles to stick to your face. Use a teaspoon of honey and apply it directly to your face. After it is allowed to dry for a few minutes, it must be washed off. This can separate the dirt from your skin pores and protect it from acne.
  1. Mint: Your face might get exposed to harmful bacterial infections that can spread to other locations. If you mix a piece of mint with yogurt and oatmeal, a powerful paste will be formed. This paste has properties that can purify your skin completely. Apply it for a small period of time and then rinse it off to see instant effects.

Should you visit a doctor?: If you do not receive any positive outcome after following these processes, you can rely on a primary care doctor. A good dermatologist will prescribe necessary medications such as retinoids, antibiotics, and other anti-androgen drugs to treat your condition. Buying a face wash for acne marks can help you to prevent the formation of spots.

Conclusion: Nowadays many several acne treatments and experienced dermatologists have evolved that can help you to eliminate acne. 

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