Top 4 Foods to increase my testosterone levels naturally

Top 4 Foods to increase my testosterone levels naturally

  • Testosterones are male hormones controlling development of male characteristics such as muscle mass, body hair and deep voice. The males have higher levels than females of this hormone.
  • Testosterone levels in males also decide the fertility of the male. In women testosterone helps them to live a healthy life.
  • Low testosterone levels cause some problems in males regarding their reproductive system. It also affects the erection process in some males.
  • It has been observed that males who suffer from erection difficulties in mid age also have low testosterone levels.
  • During pre puberty period, lack of testosterone results in subnormal development of the reproductive system, weak muscle growth and characteristics that distinguish a male from a female.
  • Without adequate testosterone levels, a male will face problems in living an energetic and satisfactory life.

Foods for increased testosterones levels

  • Food is the best source to get testosterone levels back to normal levels. Also each food that supplies testosterone is also full of other nutrients that enable us to lead an energetic and healthy life.
  • With age there is some decline in production of testosterone in males. It has been estimated that around 40 % males over 45 in America suffer from low testosterone production.

Egg yolk

  • Egg is packed with dense nutrients including vitamin D and these support production of testosterone in the body.  Eggs yolk has more nutrients than egg white.
  • Studies have confirmed that eggs have good cholesterols. Eggs support a healthy heart and check the growth of cardiovascular issues.

Brazilian nuts

  • Brazilian nuts are the richest source of selenium which increases testosterones in males. Nuts are recommended to males who have low testosterone and cannot get the right erection degree.
  • Along with an increase in testosterone levels, the nut improves mobility and sperm production.  The fertility of males also gets increased when free radicals are neutralized by the antioxidants.
  • Confine yourself to 3 nuts every day. Our body has the upper limit of 400mcg per day, but higher than normal eating of these nuts is not healthy.


  • Zinc in oysters is important for the sperm health and reproduction system. The zinc in per serving of oysters is higher than other food items. It boosts testosterones in males.
  • A young male needs zinc to fully develop potential during development stages.


  • One of the healthiest food items that has shown ability to boost testosterone levels in males with regular consumption, pomegranate, are one of the favorites of males who want to improve their intimacy.
  • When sixty males and females drank pomegranate juice for 14 days, they showed improvement in testosterone levels. The improvement was as high as 24 % in some males.
  • There was also improvement in blood circulation and mood. The fruit juice works as medicine 200 mg Sildenafil citrate  in widening the blood vessels.
  • The relaxation and subsequent dilation of the blood vessels facilitates greater flow of blood. It also takes fresh oxygen and blood to every cell in the body.It leads to erection overcoming erectile difficulties and boost in performance in any physical activity.
  • Along with these four food items, you can increase the production of testosterone by doing light exercise, sleep, lowering anxiety levels, eating a healthy fat less diet, etc.  An obese person can boost testosterone levels by exercising.
  • It not only will lower the severity of diabetes, but also curb the emergency of hypogonadism.
  • Studies have also revealed that less than normal sleep affects testosterone levels.  People under observation showed low testosterone levels between midday and midnight on days when they had less than normal sleep.  Other food items which are a source of zinc should be included in the diet list.
  • These are beans, lobster, nuts, whole grain, etc. all these mentioned steps are also suggested to males who use a higher Generic Levitra 60 mg  for severe erection difficulties. The natural methods including food are the best and safest methods to boost health and testosterone levels.


  • Boosting testosterone levels through foods is the best way to ensure a healthy body and intimate life. However, consult a doctor to understand the exact cause of low testosterone before relying on food items.
  • The medical guidance will help you to understand whether supplements are needed or not.








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