Delicious Wedding Cakes on A Budget – Yes You Can!

There is nothing shameful about being a bride on a budget – saving money on your marriage day means that you don’t spend the first few years of wedding bliss worrying about the money you blew on a single day. Budgeting doesn’t necessarily mean not knowing what you want, especially when it comes to wedding cakes. Saving money on your marriage cake is easy if you are the know-how.

When it comes down to it, a wedding cake is just a cake. Although there are plenty of bakers who specialize in wedding cakes, in reality, any baker is capable of making a superbly-flavored and well-presented cake. The only distinction between a cake baked by a wedding specialist and a generalist baker is likely to be the size of the hole left in your hip pocket.

Hire a learner

Another good way to save money is to engage a student chef or baker. Pastry chefs and bakers learn how to make cakes by practicing, and hiring a student baker to create your wedding cake is a clever way to save a sizable amount of cash. Speak to your online cake delivery in Noida shop or culinary school about how they can help you create a gorgeous wedding cake.


Cupcakes are one idea for a budget wedding cake. Cupcake towers are becoming part of many wedding cakes and offer a beautiful option to the standard tier cake. Each cupcake can be a beautiful little cake in itself, instead of looking just like a slice of cake once the standard wedding cake is cut. Talk to a baker about what you would like and how much you would like to pay to search out the best budget wedding cake ideas to fit your needs.

Talk who does for a hobby

If you know someone skilled at baking, you could hire your baker who usually would work for a lower cost. Many people do cake decorating as a part-time hobby or job that could give you the cake of your dreams at a lower cost.

Cheap wedding cakes can also be purchased at a local bakery. You can order cake online a single, decorated cakes to set out around the table. Buying more single cakes that are nicely decorated, while having one smaller tiered cake for the bride and groom ceremonies can be a nice way to go that will save money.

Smaller cake

Another way to serve cheap wedding cakes is to order cake online a more petite fancy marriage cake to display at the reception, and then have cheaper sheet cakes to cut up for the visitors. Your tenants won’t care that they are eating a layer cake that wasn’t part of the fancier marriage cake This is a nice way to still have your elegant, standard marriage cake although on a smaller scale while saving money with sheet cakes that don’t require a lot of labor- decoration. The cake is the same tasty cake just not as fancy in the presentation. Sheet cakes are also much easier to cut and serve than the many-tiered wedding cake so they offer additional savings. A catering company will typically charge to slice a standard wedding cake.

For those brides who’d still prefer an expert to make their cake, but within a reasonable budget, the biggest tip is to shop around. Also, remember that the more complicated and labor-intensive your cake, the more it will cost. It’s also the case that the most expensive fondant icings used by specialists are the least tasty (ask any of your guests!), so opting for less pricey toppings is not going to affect the overall taste of your cake.

Go with fake tiers

Decorations can also cost a fortune, so minimizing the design will help keep your bank account out of the red. Likewise, large, multi-tiered cakes will challenge your budget. If you’re in love with the idea of a multi-tiered cake, consider including one or more fake tiers – no one will ever know the difference and the cake looks (and costs) like you want it to.

Keep it simple

Keep your cake simple, with just a few elegant decorations, and by shopping around for the best price you can dramatically decrease the cost of your marriage cake without compromising on its appearance and flavor. The memory of a cake will fade, but the money you save will be unforgettable!

So follow these tips and get your wedding cake without spending extra bucks.

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