Choosing A Barber’s Apron

There is no doubt in the fact that barber aprons are among the key parts of a barber’s arsenal. They cover the customer’s clothes and make sure that there is no mess while cutting the hair. All the hair is folded into that cheap barber aprons and then thrown into the dustbin.

Some shops even offer disposable aprons for barbers, which makes things further easier for the customer and especially for the barber since he doesn’t have to do anything after performing that sweet cut, but to simply dispose of the apron and use a new one for the new customer.

There are so many different types of aprons that are present in the market that it sometimes becomes a difficult decision to choose the right one. Being the pros here, we can debunk one thing for you right away – there is no best apron. Different types of barber’s aprons serve a different purpose, and you can opt for the one that meets your needs the best, be it a cheap barber apron, a disposable one, or a stylish one.

Still finding it difficult to make the decision, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will discuss some of the most critical parameters to focus on while opting for an apron. This may sound basic, but once you’re out buying one of these, you will thank us then. So, let’s get right into it.


Whether you’re looking for cheap barber aprons or an expensive one for your salon, the fabric will play an important role in setting your image. The fabric of your barber aprons is not just about the looks and presentation of your shop, they’re also about utility.

You want to buy a cheap barber apron that provides a top-quality fabric that can shun water, dust, and of course, easily remove hair. Another thing you need to ensure is that the fabric doesn’t dissolve heavy stains like hair colors etc. it is why a lot of barber’s prefer opting for aprons with polyurethane coating since it keeps the fabric safe from chemicals.


Sometimes, good quality fabrics tend to be slightly heavier, which is the last thing you want while opting for good but cheap barber aprons. The reasons behind it is simple – you customers are likely to wear the cape for long durations, especially if they’ve come to get additional hair and face treatments.

If the fabric you get is heavy, it will make the customers a bit uncomfortable, and they will hesitate to get long-form treatments from you just because it is taxing to sit there with a heavy cloth on. Another important factor here is breathability. A barber’s apron must also mesh-like and breathable so you don’t feel suffocated while wearing it. An excellent option here could be acrylic material since it is breathable. You will be able to find several cheap barber aprons online made of lightweight and breathable fabric. It is just about knowing where to find it.


You don’t want to buy cheap barber aprons that are not durable and either get torn or simply absorb lots of stains making up an unaesthetic appearance. For starters, no client would want to wear such a barber’s apron since it looks disgusting, which is why you need something that is stain and wrinkle-resistant.

There are a lot of cheap barber aprons that boast the quality of being stainless. This is also important because if the apron you’re using is not stainless, half of your job at the salon will be reserved for washing barber aprons to keep them looking new and clean. So, to put it in a nutshell, you need water and stain repellent cheap barber aprons, which are available online at shops like ShearShark, etc.

While taking care of durability, also make sure that the color of your cheap barber aprons doesn’t fade away either. Aprons that have lost their color look old and worn out and send off a highly unprofessional vibe, something you truly do not want.

A Transparent  Screen

We live in a technological era where mobile phones are a necessity in our lives. Oftentimes than not, people getting a haircut or any other treatment from a barber need to use their phones for which they have to take their hands out of the apron. This is why modern barber aprons are made in a way that they have a transparent screen in the center, allowing the customers to use their phones while being attended by the barber.

This is also helpful since barbers don’t really have to stop working in the middle of a cut for the customer to send an urgent message. Meanwhile, it also keeps the customer occupied with the cellphone, making the entire experience hassle-free for everyone. In short, if you’re looking for a cheap barber apron, just make sure it has all the features mentioned above in order to ensure a good-quality service overall.

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