Check Your Doors for Safety & Avoid Entrapment Injuries

It is rightly said, doors are dangerous. Doors and windows in a facility or house are the common access points for intruders or for dangerous accidents to happen. For this very reason, you must check all your doors for their safety and secure the ones that may be unsafe.


If you have kids, elderly, or vulnerable adults at your place, you know how important it is to save them from doors that may slam or shut abruptly. Entrapment injuries are excruciating and can be life-threatening too. For unprotected doors, it is very easy to catch your delicate fingers and cause bruises, pinching, crushed bones, or even lead to amputation if you don’t receive medical aid in time or if the injury is serious. Whatever the outcome, entrapment injuries are likely to cause distress and pain to both kids and adults.

Therefore, door pinch guards are among the most valuable devices that can avert dangers and avoid trapping injuries. The door won’t slam shut with these right in place, even if someone pushes it or if the wind moves the door. Superior door hinge finger guards are safe, durable, and reduce the speed of closing doors, which means fewer chances of injuries. Besides, you must also check any other door hardware and ensure you and your guests or loved ones remain safe.


All types of doors are potentially a risk to kids and adults. On the knob side, trapping injuries can be eliminated by design changes, whereas finger protection devices minimize the gap to protect you from hinge side accidents. Besides, here are a few tips that will help improve door safety and prevent dangerous trappings:

  • Maintain the fittings of all internal and external doors.
  • Make sure new doors and windows are installed by professionals to avoid unforeseeable circumstances.
  • Utilize durable and professional-grade hinge finger guards, latches, and other ironmongery.
  • Teach kids not to be careless and playful around any doors and windows.
  • Secure all doors, including the front doors, room doors, toilet doors, cabinets, etc.
  • Replace hollow doors with sturdy ones to prevent unnecessary slamming.
  • Keep a check on the door frame and its overall structure from time to time.
  • Make sure no emergency exits are compromised or unserviceable.
  • Remove the need for kids to gather around any doors.
  • Ensure no equipment is placed immediately behind the door.
  • Address defects that can lead to risky situations as soon as you encounter them.
  • Whatever products you use, make sure these are strong and accommodate your needs well.
  • Ask an expert to schedule a visit if at all you suspect any dangers with the doors.
  • Check with your doctor if you or anyone at your place faces an entrapment injury.


Every year, thousands of kids and adults land in emergency rooms with thumb or finger injuries caused by doors. A few of these require some surgical treatment to cover the damage. The consequences of entrapment injuries can be lifelong. So make sure you are in a position to avoid such mishaps. Install sturdy doors, robust hardware, necessary preventive measures, and make it a safe space for everyone around.

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