CBSE Affiliated: How To Find Out If A School Is Affiliated or Not?

No parent would ever want their child to sit at home when others write their Board examinations just because their school has no affiliation to CBSE. Before taking any decision to enroll your child in a school, it is wise to check the affiliation status of that particular institution to ensure your child is studying in the right school

How does it feel if your child is denied access to the CBSE board examinations just because he/she studied in a school with no affiliation to the board? It isn’t delightful, given the importance of such exams in a child’s life. The CBSE board does not allow candidates from non-affiliated schools to sit for the board examinations.   

Enrolling your child in a school affiliated with CBSE is essential in ensuring a smooth transition to other education levels. Last year, we witnessed a sad incidence where several students missed the chance to undertake the Board examinations because they came from a school that was not affiliated to CBSE. 

They only realized it when it was too late, and many were depressed due to the situation. This compelled CBSE to issue a public notice on February 29, 2020, cautioning parents to scrutinize schools’ affiliation status before enrolling their children.  

The sad reality is that some schools dupe parents into believing that they are affiliated with CBSE when they are not. Such schools manage to deceive parents by exhibiting display boards with messages indicating their affiliation to CBSE in various places such as the school’s website or premises and other noticeable locations. 

Parents have to be wary of such schools and conduct thorough research to ascertain their affiliation before proceeding with the admission process. But how can you differentiate a CBSE school from one that has no affiliation? Read on to find out more.

Checking the affiliation status

The first step is to check the affiliation status of a school before making any decision. You can do this by: 

  • Visit the CBSE affiliation website whose link is and look for the lists of schools affiliated with CBSE.
  • If you have the affiliation number of the school you have picked, you can type it and check the results to ascertain if there is an affiliation certificate for that particular school. But if you do not have the affiliation number, go through the list of schools in your respective district. 
  • You will be able to find the list of schools that have affiliation and their respective levels. It is wise to choose schools that have affiliation up to the senior secondary level. 
  • The list will also show you the number of schools that have no affiliation to the board.  

If you are looking for a new admission, you can pick the right school. But if your child is already studying in a non-affiliated school, you can request the school’s management to apply for affiliation as early as possible. This will help to avoid any future inconveniences to such students. 

CBSE affiliation is becoming a necessity for all schools. This is due to the critical board examinations students have to write to continue to the next academic stages. But a student cannot sit for such exams if their school is non-affiliated to CBSE. This calls for parents to first check the affiliation status before allowing their children to study in any given school.

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