All about manali to leh bike trip


Leh is one of the largest and most divine towns that is situated in the union territory of Ladakh, India which is also called “The Mecca of Bikers” . It lies at an altitude of 11,562 ft. Temperature here drops down to -9oC which makes it freezing. It is generally advised to people who are well aware of biking control because you need a lot of patience and strength for the trip as one has to cross the tough roads which are not so smooth and they are narrow most of the time. Snow covered peaks, green valleys, blossomed meadows and unique streams will give you peace and happiness and are an epitome of serenity and harmony.

This adventurous trip usually takes 7 days or so. It engulfs some aesthetically alluring points of attraction such as Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Khardungla Pass, Chang La Pass etc. This journey would not only push your limits and would give you the opportunity to challenge your own self, it would also inculcate the spirit of brotherhood and sportsmanship amongst all the biking  enthusiasts by helping each other during the tough times in the trip.

Writing a travelogue, maintaining a travel journal, capturing picturesque beauties, vlogging are some of the activities that can be done along with biking to heaven on earth. 

These biking trips have skyrocketed since these past years which consequently lead more travel agents to organise more and more Leh packages and some of them even started to lend motorbikes for people preferring solo and self trip but does not have one. In these trips you have the freedom  to follow your own path along with relishing nature which is the best way to have a break from your monotonous regular routine and rejuvenate yourself. 

The trip starts from the moment you step outside your house with packed bags and your motorbikes sumptuously fed with fuel and you set off with Manali as your first  major stop (after the minor food and rest stops,obviously). The journey from delhi to manali is not as easy and bland as said and as it seems. It is overflowing with a lot of adventure, challenges, amusement and what not. You will intertwine one of the most scenic beauties, snowy valleys, gloomy hills, the authentic food stalls and a lot more. Once you reach manali, you are generally advised to get your metallic partner fixed and repaired by a good mechanic and then set along for the voyage again.

The bona fide ride is what begins once you set off from Manali, A dream journey of every rider,  towards heaven, Leh. The Manali – Leh highway by Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is 475 km long and transverse one of the most exigent terrains which will excite you if you’re a true enthusiast. With every passing kilometre, you will realize the worth of all the efforts ,pains and difficulties. Periodic rest and food sessions are highly recommended to keep the adrenaline rush throughout the trip and not to let it knacker you out in the middle. 

The first stop on the manali-leh highway is Darcha ,which one of the most magnificent village on the Bhaga River at an elevation of 3,360m. The consequent stop is , Sarchu which is a major halt point on the highway. Its altitude is 4,290m. The route from Darcha to Sarchu is a tough one and have the coldest passes to go through such as, Baralachala. After Sarchu, is our final leg of the journey, the destination of leh. On the way to leh, is one of the most exciting part, The Gata Loop which have 21 loops is the ride pretty tricky.

Things to take care of while on the long bike trip:

  1. There are high chances of suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMO) during your trip. Therefore, to be on a safer side, you should always have the related medications.
  2. Practise riding the motorcycle a few weeks prior to the trip to avoid any sort of inconvenience.
  3. Take breaks to avoid fatigue.
  4. Most importantly, make sure your bike is capable of enduring the tough terrains.
  5. Protect your eyes with glasses, hands with gloves and ear with ear plugs.


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