8 ways to make a birthday cake, cream cake to make the perfect dessert at a birthday party

Instructions on how to make a simple birthday cake at home, a unique beautiful birthday cake with methods such as making a chocolate birthday cake with a rice cooker without an oven, making a birthday cake with jelly, by paper, 2 tier birthday cake making, 3d fruit jelly birthday cake making is very beautiful and cute. Let’s see!

The birthday cake has become a cultural feature with a long tradition. In addition to preparing food and drinks for this special occasion, cream cakes, birthday cakes are indispensable desserts.

1.How to make a birthday cake with a simple rice cooker at home

From time to time, the cream cake, the birthday cake has been an indispensable part of each of our birthday celebrations, it represents maturity, joy, excitement, In the meantime, something new, good is coming.

It’s easy to go to a certain bakery and order yourself a satisfying cake, but if you can make a cake by yourself, its meaning and culture are multiplied.

So, today we will show you how to make a birthday cake with a rice cooker very simply and quickly. Hand-reading readers should not miss how to make a birthday cake with a simple rice cooker at home in this simple yet delicious way, in parallel with preparing food and drinks.

Warning!!! Breastmilk moms can also become a professional birthday baker at home with simple kitchen utensils, everyone has just a few minutes to watch the article and try to practice according to specific videos and illustrations. In the post, of course, the marshals should also save them for their own guide, there will be times when using martial arts!

 The ingredients and tools needed to make a birthday cake with a rice cooker

The raw materials and needed:

A rice cooker can also be used.

Multi-purpose flour: 40 – 50 grams

Cornstarch: 40 – 50 grams (equal to the amount of wheat flour selected above).

Chicken eggs: 4.

Egg whisk.

Fresh milk without sugar: 15 – 20ml

Vegetable cooking oil: about 30ml.

Refined white sugar: about 80 grams (can be added or removed depending on taste).

Table salt: half a teaspoon.

Cream of tartar: half a teaspoon.

And finally, don’t forget to prepare the cake mold: about 20 cm in diameter.

If you can’t have a cake for yourself, you can use a rice cooker to make a mold for your birthday cake.

But regardless of whether it’s using a mold or a rice cooker, the first thing to do before you add the mixture is the anti-stick work (if the mold doesn’t have any non-stick layers), here’s how:

Rinse a thin layer of cooking oil into the mold or pot then spread the flour evenly on the surface, upside down to remove the non-sticking dough, with the way of making a birthday cake with a rice cooker, this is what you should take note.

Steps to be taken

How to make a birthday cake with a rice cooker is done by the following steps:

Step 1: Put the amount of cornstarch and all-purpose flour prepared above into a bowl, then mix this mixture well.

Next, you prepare another bowl, add sugar-free fresh milk and vegetable oil to it, stir this solution well.

Step 2: Make a cup of 4 eggs so that the whites and yolks are separate, absolutely don’t let the egg whites stick to the yolk.

This will later lead to unqualified whipping, which will not make the cake blooming beautifully. Then add salt and use a mixer to beat the egg whites.

Be careful to adjust the whisk to a low speed, beat until bubbles (about 40 – 50 seconds). Then add the cream of tartar, continue to beat but this time the speed increases, beat until the bubbles become tiny, the mixture becomes smooth.

Finally, add the sugar to the above mixture, beat at maximum speed, beat until the mixture is extremely smooth, with no more bubbles.

Step 3: In this step, we will process the egg yolks. The yolk above you beat well, then put in the egg white mixture just beat above, mix the two mixes quickly until blended together.

Next, add the milk and cooking oil, flour, and cornstarch mixture, and mix all of the mixtures well.

Step 4: After creating a complete mixture, you pour them into a mold or rice cooker and then cook them (about 45 minutes), note that you should turn on the rice cooker 2 to 3 times.

With the way of making a birthday cake with a rice cooker, when you have completed step 4, you will have a birthday cake made by yourself, depending on your idea, the cake will be decorated according to the different ways. Wish you can make a very satisfying birthday cake.

2.How to make a birthday cake without a simple oven at home

To make the birthday of a family member more meaningful and warm, what better than preparing your own birthday cake? But what if your home doesn’t have an oven?

Quite simple, just present the rice cooker that you can make this cake already. So how to make a birthday cake without an oven? I go to the article to explore this formula offline.

Ingredients for making birthday cakes without an oven:

100 grams of flour

40 grams of corn

30 ml of fresh milk

4 eggs

30 ml of cooking oil

100 grams of sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

20 grams of unsalted butter

1 tube of vanilla extract

1 rice cooker

How to make a birthday cake without an oven

Step 1: The first step is to separate the white oven, the egg yolk, and separate each type 1 separate bowl.

Step 2: Use a whisk to beat the egg whites at a low speed. When you see the white fluffy, you add a pinch of salt, continue to beat until the gas is smaller, then slowly add sugar. Beat the mixture until the egg whites are fluffy.

Step 3: Sang with egg yolks, now you add vanilla + fresh milk + cooking oil and beat up.

Step 4: Wheat flour and cornstarch are mixed together and sifted. Add the flour mixture to the egg yolks and mix well until a smooth, smooth mixture is obtained.

Step 5: Go back to the egg white, divide the whites into 3 parts. Add each portion to the egg yolks one by one and stir until a smooth, light yellow mixture is obtained.

Step 6: Put a layer of parchment on the bottom of the rice cooker. Or you can apply oil/butter as well. Heat the pot up for a few minutes.

Step 7: When the pot is hot, add the mixture, gradually. Replace the lid and press the Cook button. When the pot goes to Warm (keep warm) mode, leave it for another 20 minutes.

Time out, you check the cake to see if it is good or not by tattooing a toothpick in the middle of the cake. If you take a toothpick to see the cake is dry.

Step 8: When the cake is cooked, put it on a plate, decorate it with cream, chocolate, or fruit.

With just a few simple steps above, it is not difficult for you to make an attractive birthday cake without an oven, right? Wish you successful implementation and do not forget to follow the new articles on the website.

3. How to make a simple birthday cake with jelly at home

How to make a jelly birthday cake will give you a unique birthday cake. Jelly birthday cakes can be made with many different vivid flavors and colors. Today I will show you how to make jelly into a very simple birthday cake to make your birthday party perfect.

On the birthday of you or your loved one, your family, you want to choose jelly to make a meaningful birthday cake yourself, but you do not know how to make a jelly birthday cake properly. You already know how to make flexible coconut jelly, but you’ve never used it to make a birthday cake.

If you normally find it easier to make a drink than food, making a jelly birthday cake is usually more complicated than making a coconut jelly but not impossible. So, today, I will show you how to make a birthday cake from jelly for you to apply at home.

When making jelly, you can have different shapes for the cake to match the things you want on your birthday but still have the same way of making jelly, birthday cake jelly.

A birthday cake that is not too sweet, will make the birthday party more perfect, in addition, you should enrich your savory birthday party, like adding kimchi For example, but you can change the way of making kimchi slightly to make the dish new.

Normally, people have already enjoyed this dish, so if you want to make a difference compared to the previous taste, your kimchi-making method must also have reference and exploration.

Ingredients need to prepare to make a jelly birthday cake

1 dragon fruit.

200g sugar.

100ml coconut milk.


1 small bunch of pineapple leaves.

20g jelly powder.


How to make a jelly birthday cake

Step 1: Dragon fruit remove the peel, cut into small pieces, put the dragon fruit in a smoothie blender.

Pour dragon fruit into a large bowl, mix add 500ml of cool boiled water and 10g jelly powder, add 100g of sugar, stir well. Put the mixture in the pot and bring to a boil.

Step 2: Wash the pineapple leaves thoroughly, remove the outer thorns, cut into small pieces, and put in a blender with 700ml of water and puree. Finished grinding, you take a tight cloth to filter out the residue of the pandan leaves, take the whole water.

Mix the pandan leaf juice with 7g of jelly powder and 70g of sugar with 100ml of coconut water and boil until a thick green mixture creates jelly.

Mix 3g of jelly powder, 30g of sugar, 100ml of coconut milk in about 500ml of boiling water to cool, stir and boil until mixture forms a white jelly.

Step 3: Take out the mold, gently pour the white jelly mixture to the bottom part, you can leave a little to create text for the cake.

When the jelly is cooled, add a layer of pineapple green jelly on top and leave a little bit if you want to write green letters.

Step 4: Until this layer cools, you continue to pour the dragon jelly layer on top. Pour the green and white jelly into two different pots to heat.

When the top layer of dragon fruit jelly has not cooled, you skillfully use green and white jelly to pour it over and write in meaningful words.

After the cake has cooled down, put it in the refrigerator and wait until the birthday party happens. This will be a meaningful birthday cake, as well as an appetizer for you to eat the next dishes better. This is a simple and beautiful way to make a jelly birthday cake.

For a birthday party, you should prepare your own delicious food so that it is not too sweet because the food available to buy from outside often has a lot of sugar which is not good for your health, in addition to the birthday cake you should also have Gentle pastries such as sponge cakes.

How to make a sponge cake is also extremely easy. You can invite more relatives or friends to do the same steps as the batter, the egg scrambler … With different steps of how to make a cake, will help you and your friends to shorten the distance, together create delicious sponge cakes.

In addition, you can apply more ways to make pineapple leaf jelly to add this dish to your party, delicious, greasy, delicious, sweet, and delicious jelly when eaten. A gentle charm full of charm, making you want to eat forever. If you want to do it, you should hurry and worry, because the way to make pineapple leaf jelly is very simple.

When the party is over, you can give your friends a bottle of coconut oil that you made from applying a simple coconut oil recipe. Accompany it you can show your friends how to apply coconut oil properly or give the wonderful benefits that coconut oil brings to your health. Surely when you see those beautiful coconut oil bottles, your friends will ask how to make your coconut oil to apply immediately.

4.How to make a birthday cake with a simple, beautiful, and meaningful paper

How to make a birthday cake with simple, beautiful, and meaningful paper will be a big surprise in the cake-making section that I want to give to everyone.

Sometimes it’s not too practical, anything too will become redundant, dry. Let’s discover the surprise!

Materials and tools need to be prepared

Large white cardboard.



Paper knives.


Pearls or beads.

Flowers fake your favorite color.


The steps to make paper cream cakes

Step 1: Prepare paper to make each part of the cake. Use scissors to cut the paperboard into 3 smaller circles to make the cake layer.

Cut 3 strips of cardboard with a width equal to the height of each equal floor about 4 cm to 7 cm. However, we should cut 1 cm more to make sure the edge.

The strip is cut out, we cut it in half to make the top half of the cake layer stick.

Step 2: Proceed to make the paper cake

Fold the border paper we leave to glue, cut the border paper into jagged shapes with serrated scissors or normal scissors, we cut the parallel lines diagonally and then cut back to create serrated.

For the two strips of paper used for the bottom layer of the cake, we only cut one edge of the paper.

Take the smallest round piece of cardboard, spread the jagged strip onto the very edges of the jagged paper that fit the start and endpoints, highlight with a pen, and cut off the excess cover. From that cover strip, we sealed it.

Take another circle, cut the drum in the middle for easy handling and stick it underneath the other serrated edge.

Next, we stick the hollow cut circular cover under the saw lace ring. Take the solid round cardboard cage to the opposite side under the threaded ring. Turn the circle over and apply the solid round paper brush to the bottom saw tooth.

Seal the remaining solid round cover by covering the empty cover. So we have completed the smallest layer of cream cake.

Do the same with the other two floors. Use glue to stack 3 floors together in order from big to small.

Step 3: Decorate the cake with paper. Use fake flower glue on the cake floors according to your needs.

Use beads or pearls to paste the outside circle of each layer to cover the joints and the cake is also more beautiful.

Some notes when making paper cream cakes

Use cardboard to make it easier to glue the layers together.

When joining the layers of cake together, the cake should be balanced, the cake is not dented, distorted or soiled.

You can use any color paperboard you like. Decorate your cake accessories in your own style. Care must be taken so that the tools do not injure.

Some notes when making paper cream cakes

Finished a lovely paper cake. It’s too difficult, right, just being a little meticulous will be successful and have a surprising and meaningful gift for loved ones you want to give. Good luck!

5.How to make a delicious 3d fruit jelly birthday cake

You must have felt the wonderful taste of the cake when you hear the name, right. The combination of creamy butter with fruit and cream creates a cool taste for the cake, giving you a great feeling when enjoying it

Let’s learn how to make a 3d fruit jelly birthday cake for this hot summer!

Ingredients for making fruit jelly birthday cake

25gr of jelly

300 gr of sugar

Coconut milk + 1 sapodilla coconut

Fruits: kinds suitable for your family such as oranges, mangoes, coconut, kiwi, strawberries …

How to make fruit jelly birthday cake

Step 1: Preliminary processing of raw materials

First, we enter the fruit pre-processing phase. Depending on each type of fruit, they have a different preparation. With fruits such as mango, dragon fruit, watermelon … we wash, peel, and then cut square.

As for custard apple, lychee, longan, peel off the seeds to get the pulp, if the pulp is large, cut it into small pieces.

Cut coconuts to separate the water, for the coconut pulp, you scrap it into fibers to decorate it beautifully. Dissolve the packet of coconut milk with 50ml of cold water and beat to separate

Step 2: Cook jelly

For the jelly mixture when cooking is delicious, first mix the sugar with jelly powder, then add 300ml of coconut water and 1 liter of water to stir to dissolve the ingredients and let 20 minutes for the jelly water infiltration.

Then, catch this mixture on the stove and boil, then add the coconut milk mixture soaked in step 1 and boil for about 5 minutes, then turn off the heat. If the case in the mixture contains foam, take it out and let it cool.

Step 3: Decorate the cake

Prepare a birthday cake mold, Then we start decorating the birthday cake with this fruit jelly. However, depending on the creativity and ingenuity of each person, there are different decorations.

Here, there are the above ingredients available, I will decorate the grated coconut layer at the bottom of the jelly and pour the jelly mixture about 2cm into the mold and wait for the jelly layer to tighten for about 5 minutes, then decorate the flowers. The fruit has been sliced ​​up as desired.

Finished, we continue to lightly sprinkle a layer of jelly on top. Just do this until all the ingredients are gone and the top layer is a thick layer of jelly.

Step 4: Complete

After pouring the complete jelly on the cake mold. At this time, you bring the cake mold to a basin of cold water to avoid being overly watery! Wait for the jelly to cool down, then put it in the refrigerator cooler.

After only a few hours, you take out the jelly mold and turn it upside down on a plate and you’ll have a fruit jelly birthday cake for your family member or friend. You can also write your greeting, or decorate it on top of it!

After only a few hours, you take out the jelly mold and turn it upside down on a plate

6. How to make a simple chocolate birthday cake at home

Chocolate muffins are made with all of your favorite chocolate bars and filled with chocolate ganache, along with some of our favorite chocolates, including Maltesers, Curly Wurly’s, Galaxy bar, Galaxy Ripple, Minstrels, and Rolos, this impressive bake uses a popular decorative technique called ‘drip’.

Drip water is usually a kind of ganache or loosely frozen around the edge of a cake so that it drips down to create a drip effect, also known as a rice paper roll.

It’s really easy to achieve. This charming cake serves 6-8 people and will take about 1 hour 20 minutes to cook, bake and decorate this dish.

For making ice cream

350g unsalted butter

700g of frozen sugar

Vanilla extract 1tsp

For the ganache: Double cream 200ml

200g good quality dark chocolate, chopped

For decoration

Chocolates are chosen in a variety of shapes and styles (we used Maltesers, Curly Wurly’s, Galaxy bar, Galaxy Ripple, Minstrels, and Rolos)

You also need:

4 drinking water straws (used to keep the cake steady as it’s too tall, don’t forget to take it off before eating!)

Make 2x basic foam, according to the recipe

Make your butter by beating the butter well, until it is pale and soft. This is the easiest way in a mixer or food processor if you have one.

Add sugar icing and vanilla extract and beat very well. Add 1-2tbsp of boiling water to soften the icing. It will achieve soft serving cream consistency.

Carefully cut the tops out of each of your sponge pies so they are level and even. Place the first one on a flat surface, add a layer of buttercream, and the next cream cake. Repeat with the other cake.

Push the straw into the top of the cake, about 10cm from the edge, at 12, 3, 6, and 9. Push all the way through until they reach the bottom.

Place about half of your cake in a separate bowl (it’s very important to separate it, so it doesn’t all end up with printed crumbs).

Use this to smooth out your cake, no matter at this stage or if there is a piece of rice paper you just try to make it as smooth as possible.

Once you’ve wiped all lumps and bumps with icing, cool for about 30 minutes.

Next add the final layer of icing, from the other half of the buttercream you set aside. Gently smooth it on your cake using a palette knife or smooth cake if you have one. Try not to ‘nick’ the tape to let the layer below show.

Re-refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

When the cake is almost ready to come out, make your ganache by heating the double cream in a saucepan over medium heat.

As soon as it starts to bubble, remove it from the fire and stir in dark chocolate. Continue stirring until the mixture is thick and smooth, with no chocolate lump remaining.

Remove the cake from the refrigerator and prepare to pour ganache. You can do this by using disposable bags if you have one or by gently sipping on the center of the cake and encouraging the drops to drip down the sides with the back of the spoon.

If you are using a piping bag, take a motion along the top edge of the cake, allowing a zig-zag to drop to the edge of the cake.

Shake the cake gently if the ganache needs more encouragement to drip the cake. Put the cake back in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to steady.

Decorate your chocolates to form a ‘chocolate blast’ on top. Finish with the edible sprinkle and golden glitter.

7. How to make a simple 2-story birthday cake at home

Currently, there are many new types of cakes appearing, with many different flavors and colors. In it, there is a kind of cake indispensable, even in holidays, weddings, especially birthdays…. You probably already know what cake is, right, right, that cake is a cake.

The cream cake is a kind of cake that is familiar to everyone, it is sold everywhere, is popularly used for its beautiful appearance, delicious inside taste.

With a creamy layer of cream on the outside, and a layer of sponge cake inside, there are also chocolate flavors, fruits, … around the cake; The cake also has the feature of being able to decorate many styles (with flowers, animals, words, …), depending on your preference.

Most of them often go to the store to buy them because some people can’t work, others don’t have time. But be quiet, because today I will show you how to make a two-tier cream cake for a wedding cake or birthday cake including the most detailed steps for you to practice following. Let’s go to the kitchen together now.

The ingredients need to prepare

50 grams of flour.

5 chicken eggs.

55 ml of fresh milk without sugar.

Powdered sugar: 150 gr.

25 gr of cornstarch.

Five grams of cocoa powder.

Vanilla for fragrance: 1 teaspoon.

Half a teaspoon of rice vinegar or fresh lemon juice.

1/8 spoon of red Wilton.

Cooking oil: 50 grams.

Cream cheese: 100 grams + Ice cream: 100 ml.

200 grams of fresh strawberries.

350 g of buttercream.

Half a teaspoon of table salt.

Steps to make a two-tier cream cake

Step 1: Preliminary processing of ingredients and making sponge cake

Leave the cream cheeses at room temperature to soften. If making decorative flowers, put the cream to make flowers in the refrigerator for about 1 hour to allow the cream cheese to freeze. Chicken eggs take the yolk and the egg whites separately into 2 different cups.

Use a bowl to add the egg yolks, beat well, and add fresh milk, vanilla, and vegetable oil and stir well. Add further wilton red color and mix well with all mixture.

Put a little salt in the bowl of white, mix well, add fresh cream with powdered sugar and stir until the cotton is hard.

Pour 1/3 of the egg white into a bowl of flour and egg yolk mixture, mix well. Add a portion of egg whites using the folding technique and gently beat the eggs.

Beat the eggs in such a way that after the air bubbles are not flattened, all the mixture is smooth and the eggs are fluffy.

Use a sieve, then sift cocoa powder, cornflour, flour into a bowl and mix until all the ingredients blend together, you get a smooth, smooth mixture. Then sift all of the mixtures again to make it smooth.

Pour the dough into the baking tray, spread the dough easily, tap the baking tray vigorously to reduce the large air bubbles in the flour. Get the blister or tray liner. Turn on the machine at a temperature of about 170 degrees C.

Pour the dough into the baking tray, use to spread the dough easily

Put the dough in the oven, bake it at 170 degrees C for about half an hour, see when the surface of the cake will dry, use your hand to press on the cake if you see the cake is puffed again.

Step 2: Make a two-layer cream cake

After baking, bring the cake out, poke the cake around the cake mold to separate the cake out to throw the background paper, then let the cake completely cool down.

While waiting for the cake to cool down, put fresh cream, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla into a bowl, beat quickly, evenly the mixture ingredients until the cotton, cream slightly thickens, then Beat more slowly until the whipped cream is hard, stop.

Now that the cake has cooled, divide the cake into three equal parts.

Spread the cream on the top of the cake, leave about two centimeters at the top of the cake, arrange the strawberries on top. Roll the second tarpaulin again, at the end of the cake roll, together with the first part of the second cake canvas, continue to roll, so on making the two parts join together.

Keep doing this until the 2-tier cake is finished.

Step 3: Beauty and eat cream cake with 2 layers.

Let’s beautify the cake with flowers or letters, candles … all you want.

Use a knife to cut the cake and sip it. It would be better if we kept the refrigerator from cooling and enjoyed it.

Requirements for a two-tier cream cake method

If you make cotton by the cream cheese, you will need to refrigerate it to harden it and create the shape you want.

Each type of oven is not the same time and the temperature must be changed to match.

As you can see, with a two-tier cream cake, the way is very simple, isn’t it? No need to spend too much time and money, you will have a delicious, nutritious, hygienic cream cake.

Moreover, if you give this cake to someone, it will be more meaningful because you do it yourself.

8. How to make delicious flan jelly birthday cake

If you are tired of greasy cream cakes, on your birthday this year, try making a delicious flan jelly birthday cake. With the following quick and simple recipe, you will have a very impressive and delicious jelly birthday cake.

In recent years, the jelly birthday cake has been loved by many people because it is both unique, delicious, and cool, stimulating the taste buds. People also often buy jelly birthday cakes on special occasions as gifts, but if you make them yourself, it will be better. Come on, let’s show our talent in making flan jelly birthday cake.

Flan jelly birthday cake consists of two parts: jelly and flan inside, each part you need to prepare the following ingredients:

Ingredients for making jelly

Jelly powder (agar powder): 10gr

Diameter: 50gr

Coconut milk: 250ml

Fresh milk without sugar: 250ml

Flan baking ingredients

Chicken eggs: 5

Whipping cream: 200 ml

Fresh milk: 200 ml

Condensed milk: 400 ml

Vanilla extract: 10 ml

Pure black coffee: 35gr

Sugar: 8gr

Fresh fruit for decoration: a little, depending on your preference

In addition, you need to prepare a mold to make jelly and some flan molds.

Instructions for making flan jelly birthday cake

Make a flan filling

Add the prepared coffee to 20ml of warm water, stir well until dissolved.

Take a clean pot to the stove, turn on the light just then, add the fresh milk, heat until the milk is warm (not to boil), then turn off the heat.

Continue to whipping sugar cream, condensed milk, vanilla with dissolved coffee, stirring with a whisk. When all the ingredients are mixed, stop.

Prepare a bowl, beat the eggs, and add a little bit of the mixture in step 2, beat the fluffy eggs with a spatula. Then, pour the rest of the mixture into the bowl and stir. Finally, sift through the mixture to remove egg residue.

Crack the egg into the bowl

Take out the flan cake mold, pour the mixture into the steaming tray. Steam the bamboo over low heat for 20 minutes and the flan will ripen.

Make jelly

Take a small pot, add the jelly with the diameter and coconut milk, stir well to dissolve the mixture, then cook on the stove over medium heat, while stirring well.

When you see the mixture is boiling lightly, add it to the 250ml pot, continue stirring until the mixture blends together and gently boil, then turn off the heat. Do not over-boil as it can degrade some of the nutrients in milk.

Let the mixture cool down and pour into the prepared jelly cake, pour only a little jelly first, and then place the flan in the middle.

Continue to pour the rest of the jelly on top and then put it in the refrigerator compartment for the cake to freeze.

The fruit is washed away, cut into slices, and then decorated on top of the cake, that’s it.

Cool, attractive jelly flan cake is easy to make, isn’t it? On your birthday or in your free time, show your talent in making this cake to entertain everyone, it will be great.

Wish you all success and deliciousness with the very simple birthday cakes mentioned above.

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