Food gives energy to humans there are many people who feel weak and fatigue and sometimes feel completely tired due to some hard work and mind work. Due to low energy which directly affects your routine work process and productivity as well. It all depends on food which you can take daily basis with work time that is all depends. Choose those diet food which can keep you energized all day include give your proper nutrients which your body required a whole day.

Here is the 5 natural food which can give extra energy

  1. Banana
  3. Coffee Or Tea
  4. Eggs
  5. Apples

There are other supplements also available which you can take while working time at the office or in a house like vitamins pills.


It is a great source of potassium, calcium, when you feel too tired, want to energy quickly take two banana that will give you strength and keep working long, you can make smoothies or take with honey as well fore better way to more energies.  If you have indigestion or any constipation type of disease happen then take a banana with cow ghee which can give a clear stool clone.


If you are searching for high nutrients food that is brown rice compared with regular white rice this is the best one. It contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals which can give keep you energized plus not produce extra fats inside a body. This can help you to keep your belly full and do not starve again and again plus this one give you a high fiber for perfect energy.


Just in America there is a 100 million dollar spend over on just in coffee they loved so much.  When you are tired at the office and facing boar time that time you can think about coffee. It has complete rich caffeine and that can pass from your bloodstream and travel to you brain cell to keep you active and effect over the nervous system.  A one-cup of coffee provides only two calories which can alert you and keep you productive at whole day. Do not take 400 caffeine which is around 4 cups of coffee.


Eggs are not just a breakfast food but it is giving full energy and nutrients food which can provide the protein and charged up a body whole day if have missing out a day sometimes and who are not taking any protein food in the food they can at-least eat one egg a day with boiled or fried.  The egg can give steady and stable energy to the body, Egg has a lucine type of amino acid which gives powerful energy production in multiple ways.


Apples are the most favorite food since humans present in eating they can give us numerous nutrients which can energies body whole day. There is one slogan more famous A apple a day keeps the doctor away if you can take one apple in the morning then you do not require other energies food. Apples have high antioxidants which can fight with outside viruses which spy way to enter.

There are other energies food also available which you can take with this food but these 5 foods are highly and normally available in the kitchen there are other foods and supplements also which you can take then your energy and stamina level are going to the next level.  Lack of healthy food takes there are many disease face by men and women like a low libido once a common disease and low immunities also one. For low libido, there are pills available cenforce 100 which can take easily.


There are many tablets and beverages available that are giving you instant energies for few minutes but for ED problem fast effective pill is Kamagra oral jelly which has to swallow it and starts working in few minutes.


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