5 Interesting Facts About Roses That You Probably Didn’t Know

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Roses are the most commonly exchanged flowers all across the globe. In fact not just that, Roses are pretty much the first flower that a child is introduced to when he or she is learning the names of various flowers for the first time. Popularly known as the official flower of love, Roses have become the first choice of billions of people everywhere around the world when it comes to choosing a flower to give to their special ones and even other loved ones like parents, siblings, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. 

5 Interesting Facts About Roses That You Probably Didn’t Know

Even though we all know about Roses and have seen them ever since we were babies, we don’t know enough about this gorgeous flower that is available worldwide.Have you ever wondered where this flower was first found or other than it’s beauty, why else is this flower so popular? Or why is Rose called the flower of love? If you are interested to know more about this beautiful flower, you have come to the right place. 

Roses are so much more than just a Valentine’s Day cliché. This flower comes in a variety of sizes and colours and each of these colours symbolises different things. For example, red Rose symbolises true passionate love, whereas the yellow one stands for friendship. The pink Rose symbolises love, femininity, and compassion, whereas the white one stands for purity and innocence. But then again, this doesn’t mean you can’t give white Roses to your lover and red ones to your parents- it’s all about personal preferences. Therefore, it’s all either up to, as in what you would want to give to your loved ones, or upto them, as to what they would like to receive and thus would appreciate more. 

Here are some very interesting facts about Roses:

Roses are one of the oldest flowers on this planet

You might be shocked to know this but Roses are one of the oldest flowers on planet Earth- as old as some 35 millions years. Yes, according to the researches done by various Archaeologists from all over the world, the first Rose that was found on our beautiful planet was at least 35 millions ago. Can you even imagine?

Roses are very much edible

You might have thought that Roses are only good in bouquets and vases but guess what? Roses are just as good as anything else in the kitchen as well, not as a decor item but as an ingredient for various dishes. Yes, you read that right. Rose petals are often given in sweets and cakes in India, and Rose water is a very popular ingredient for a lot of Indian and Chinese dishes. Roses are also used to make jellies and jams in various parts of the world. Plus, the Rose plant also produces a berry-like fruit called the “Rose Hip”, which is very popularly used in making cocktails and teas.Thus, it’s pretty evident that Roses are so much more than their looks.

The fragrance of Roses is used in the perfume industry

Don’t you just love rose scented perfumes? Well, guess what? Roses are extremely popular in the perfume industry as various brands use this flower to make perfumes that smell heavenly, especially for the women as it’s a smell that is commonly recognised as a feminine one. 

The Rose is the U.S. National Flower

There’s a very high chance that you didn’t know this or you didn’t remember this. It’s very easy to remember the National animal, National Bird, etc. but not so easy to remember the National Flower. Declared by President Ronald Reagan  in 1986, the gorgeous Rose flower became the National emblem of the United States. Guess what’s even more interesting? He did so while standing nowhere else but in the very famous White House Rose Garden- what a brilliant idea! Not just that, the Rose is also known as the State flower of various states like New York, Georgia, North Dakota, Iowa, and Washington, D.C. Like we mentioned earlier, this flower really is loved by people from all over the world!

Roses are also sold for millions of dollars

You might be buying Roses for 20 bucks per piece from a florist in Mumbai or any other Indian city but that doesn’t mean this flower is inexpensive everywhere. Plus, not just location wise, but even variety wise the price of Roses widely differ.

But would you believe it if we told you that the highest that somebody has paid for a particular Rose is a few million dollars? Well, guess what? It’s true. In 2006, the world’s most expensive Rose was sold for $15.8 million (that’s approximately 1,15,19,22,700 Indian Rupee, or Rs. 115+ crore). This special variety was cultivated by world Famous rose breeder Mr David Austin who spent nearly 15 years and some $5 million for this, and named this beautiful expensive one “Juliet”. What are you waiting for? Buy a red rose online for your special one and send it to him or her right away!

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