Things to do in Kolad: A Travel Guide to an Offbeat Destination

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Kolad, famous for white water rafting in river Kundalika is what describes this place. It is located in the Raigad district in Maharashtra and is known for adventurous sports which include kayaking, rappelling and others. Its natural beauty boosts off during monsoon where the landscape is surrounded with green meadows and cascading waterfalls. And its majestic valleys make this place a treat for nature lovers and shutterbugs. The place has abundance of natural plants and lavish greenery and its rocky mountains all over which give it a portrait-like edge. 

So here are the list of things you can do other than river rafting to make your journey spell bound and adventurous as well:

Tamhini Ghat waterfalls 

Tamhini Ghat waterfalls the most popular attraction among tourists is filled with Tamhini waterfalls. These waterfalls fall down a deep height forming a pool at the base. The sight is breathtaking to watch for where you can enjoy different activities like trekking, picnicking or taking a dip in its water which will surely mesmerize you. 

Best time to visit- During monsoon that is June to October 


Sutarwadi lake 

Sutarwadi lake is a pristine lake in Kolad and a perfect destination for bird lovers as it offers a variety of bird species. It has its beautiful surroundings with lush greenery and a quaint atmosphere. And watching the reflection of the sun on its cascading waterfalls is a sight to behold. 


Tala fort 

Tala fort stands at a height of 1000 feet above sea level is another major attraction in Kolad. It was built in the 4th century surrounded with hilly terrains and lush greenery. One can also see the river Rajpuri from here along with Ghosalgad fort which is clearly visible. 


Bhira dam

Bhira dam also called Tata Power House Dam is mainly used for irrigation and power generation purposes. It was built by Tata Power Company in 1927. Bhira dam stands as the major source of water for Kundalika river where a great amount of water flows through it and thus makes thrilling river rafting. 


Plus Valley trek

Plus Valley trek is another unique attraction in Kolad and as the name suggests the place resembles the shape of a plus sign. It is popular for trekking here that offers spectacular views as you pass through its numerous alive waterfalls, lush greenery and dotted rocks. It is accessible from both Pune and Mumbai and is a medium level trekking trail which can be easily done by beginners. 


City shopping

Looking for shopping? Well Kolad offers you the best shopping experience as you find a variety of regional items. It offers you a lucrative combination of traditional and modern items. You can explore its ancient bazaars offering traditional items with brilliant craftsmanship. 


Devkund waterfalls

Devkund waterfalls located in Bhira, Raigad district is a beautiful picnic spot. It lies at the confluence of three waterfalls originating from river Kundalika. The name has come from Devkund forest and you trek through this forest to see the real beauty of Devkund waterfall. You relish the views of the waterfalls and take a dip into the water that flows downstream. The trek starts from Bhira village and you pass through rocky patches in the accompaniment of small shops selling light snacks and lemon juice that will make you feel refreshed. 


Ghosala fort

Ghosala fort that stands between the Revdanda and the Salav Creeks is another popular tourist attraction. It is known for its design and architecture which is extremely unique in its nature. It also consists of two temples and a dargah in the fort complex as well. And you can see various prisons, parapets, stores and chambers which you can see inside the fort to explore the ancient times. 


Kuda Mandad caves

Kuda Mandad caves are a part of the Murud janjira hills and comprises 13 Buddhist caves and many sculptures, paintings and inscriptions as well. You can also stupas of the Lord which were excavated so beautifully and majestically. It is located on the eastern side of Kuda village.



Gaimukh is a small village in Thane West is also known for the mouth of the cow. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the festival of mahashivratri is celebrated with great auspiciousness. There is also a cave temple which is dedicated to Kuramvars which you can explore and will give you a unique experience in itself. 


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